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Super Winter Hydration Facial! With Complimentary Hand Parrafin Hydrating Mask!


Rehydrate and rejuvenate your skin this winter with our limited-time Super Hydration Facial!

This 45-minute service leaves your skin feeling juicy and supple and protected from the harsh weather changes that winter offers!

Cold air, low humidity, and high winds outdoors strip your skin of much-needed moisture. Turning up the heat and taking hot showers indoors do the same. These harsh conditions cause your skin to lose its natural oils. This allows moisture to escape, leading to dry skin and potentially a "winter rash" or "Wind Burn".

You may have already noticed the subtle changes with the recent cold snap. Dry tightness to your skin, flakey patches and feeling that dehydration start to creep in throughout the day. If untreated these warning signs can lead to skin sensitivity and premature ageing! 


Treatment Includes:

  • Deep Cleansing to remove all pollution and toxins from in the skin
  • Skin resurfacing to remove surface dry and dead skin 
  • Hydration infusion 
  • Relaxing Massage 
  • Nourishing Hydration Mask 
  • Tailored Hydration serums and moisturisers to replenish your skin's water and lipids 
  • COMPLIMENTARY Hand Parrafin Mask to rehydrate tired dry and even cracked hands! 

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