Becca Cosmetics

Becca Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector


This highly pigmented formula targes and adheres to specific areas of concern, while light-reflecting pearls impart subtle luminosity that help to blur imperfections. Instead of trying to cover imperfections, this pigment-rich targeted colour corrector actually neutralises discolouration in a light-reflecting formula that blurs imperfections and workds underneath the foundation and/or concealer to create an even-tone, perfected and beautiful complexion.

Free of: Parabens and Talc.

Pistachio – Neutralises redness, common around nose & lips
Violet – Neutralises dullness, common in the center of the face
Peach – Neutralises dark circles & hyperpigmentation, common on high points of the face
Papaya – Neutralises deep blues & green, common under the eyes and tattoos

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